Therapeutic Laser

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This is an infrared light that penetrates the skin and stimulates the tissues with low energy laser to achieve a therapeutic effect.
At the cellular level, the laser increases the energy of the cell, improve oxidation the cell, increase circulation, release growth factors and stimulate stem cells in the area. Overall, this decreases swelling, improving blood/lymph flow and stimulating wound healing as well as reducing pain by releasing endorphins which are the body’s own natural feel good hormones.
Therapeutic laser can be uses to treat many conditions including: post-surgical pain/inflammation, sprains, ligament/tendon injuries, joint pain such as osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia, acute/chronic ear issues, “slipped discs”, skin conditions such as Lick Granulomas, hot spots, anal gland rupture and wounds.
Therapeutic laser is NOT the same as surgical laser as it uses a specific wavelength for healing and pain relief. No skin is burned or cut and the pet does not feel any pain. 


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