Dr. Karan Goyal


Dr. Karan Goyal
Dr. Karan Goyal Veterinarian

Dr. Karan Goyal brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to the Grand Valley Animal Clinic. Originally from India, Dr. Goyal completed his undergraduate studies at RAJUVAS before pursuing a postgraduate degree in veterinary surgery in 2017. With a solid foundation in veterinary medicine, he dedicated six years to practicing in his homeland, honing his skills and deepening his commitment to animal welfare.


In November 2023, Dr. Goyal and his wife made the exciting decision to embark on a new chapter in Canada, choosing Brandon as their new home.

Outside of his veterinary practice, Dr. Goyal finds solace in the quiet moments, indulging in his hobbies of reading books and listening to music. His love for learning extends beyond the clinic walls, enriching his understanding of the world and nurturing his compassionate spirit.

Dr. Goyal's warm demeanor and dedication to ongoing education, make him a valuable asset to the Grand Valley Animal Clinic family.