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Euthanasia Services for Pets

A humane and compassionate option to end your pet's suffering.

Although we know the time to end your pet’s suffering will eventually come, not one person can actually prepare for it. The decision to euthanize your beloved family member is never easy, but it is often the kindest choice when the animal is experiencing severe pain or discomfort that cannot be relieved by medical treatment, or when their quality of life has significantly declined. We know how difficult this time is, so we at Grand Valley Animal Clinic ensure we can provide all the guidance you need to make an informed decision. To discuss with our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 204-728-0033.

How does euthanasia work?

The procedure is typically performed by a veterinarian in a private, quiet room. Your pet will be given a sedative or anesthetic first to ensure they are calm and pain-free, before the final euthanasia injected is administered. This solution will then cause their heart to stop beating, leading to a quick and painless death.

When should I euthanize my pet?

The decision should be based on the individual circumstance of your pet and your family. Some of the common factors that you should consider when deciding include:

  • Pain and suffering: If they are experiencing severe or chronic pain that can no longer be managed with medical treatment.
  • Quality of life: If their quality of life has significantly declined and they are no longer able to enjoy their usual activities.
  • Terminal illness: If they have a terminal illness or condition that cannot be cured and their life expectancy is limited.
  • Loss of bodily functions: If they have lost control of their bodily functions, such as bladder or bowel control, and this cannot be managed with medical treatment.

Ultimately, we recommend booking a consultation with a veterinarian so they can provide guidance and support and help to assess your beloved animal’s quality of life and medical condition.

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