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Senior Care for Pets

Keeping your pet in tip-top shape as they enter their golden years.

As your pet gets older, they require more care and patience to ensure they stay in good health. At Grand Valley Animal Clinic, we provide senior care services to help us detect underlying health conditions early on and help maintain your loyal companion's quality of life during their golden years. To book an appointment today, call us at 204-728-0033.

Why is early diagnosis of health issues important in dogs and cats?

Early diagnosis of certain conditions is extremely important throughout a pet's life – even if they aren't a senior yet. However, because the immune system starts to weaken as your pet ages, it becomes even more critical to catch the medical issues early on and prevent further development of the disease. Early diagnosis can help prevent health issues from impacting your pet's quality of life.

What does a senior exam include?

A senior exam is much like a routine wellness checkup. However, for seniors, we also focus on a comprehensive look of their overall health. Beginning with a physical exam to start, the veterinarian will assess their external body parts from head to tail. Additional services may include vaccinations, bloodwork, lab testing, and radiographic imaging. All these services will help us identify any potential health issues and treat them before they begin to impact your pet's quality of life.

When is my pet considered senior?

The age at which a pet is considered senior can vary depending on the species, breed, and size of the animal. In general, cats and smaller dogs reach senior status at around 7-8 years of age, while larger dogs are considered senior when they reach 5-6 years of age. However, it's important to note that senior status is not just determined by age alone. Their overall health, mobility, and cognitive function should also be taken into consideration. Some pets may start showing signs of aging earlier or later than others, so it's important to monitor your pet's health and behaviour closely as they age.

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